Alpha Anywhere Documentation

The Alpha Anywhere Documentation system is divided into books as follows:

Getting Started - This book includes documentation for people who are new to Alpha Anywhere. It includes an architectural overview, and a review of the essential terms and concepts.

User's Guide - Go here for how-to information on performing tasks and for help using the Alpha Anywhere IDE.

References - The reference guide details the Xbasic functions and methods for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

How To... - The How To section contains a variety of How To articles for performing various tasks in Alpha Anywhere.

Troubleshooting & FAQ - The troubleshooting and frequently asked questions section includes resources to help you solve common issues that you may encounter.

Release Notes - The releases notes show features that have been added since a prior release. The notes also include some user's guide and reference types of contents as well as links to videos.

Other Resources

Videos - This is a link the video library, which allows you to search for user's guide and tutorial type videos. It also contains recordings of webinars and workshops.