Frequently Asked Questions


TransForm FAQ

How do I invite users to my account? 

Log in to TransForm Central. Then click the Home tab at the top. From the list of choices, choose Invite Users To Join a TransForm Account. On screen instructions will show you what to do.

I Forgot My Password. What Should I Do? 

Go to (Click the logout button if you are already logged in.) Click the Forgot Your Password link to reset your password. The new password is used both by TransForm Central and the TransForm mobile application.

Where Do I Find the Mobile Application? 

The TransForm Mobile Application is available for both iOS and Android. Do a search for "Alpha TransForm" in either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once Alpha TransForm is installed, simply launch the app and login with your user name and password.

What Account Privileges Can I Give to Other Users? 

As the owner of your account, you can decide who gets to design forms, who gets to fill in forms, which forms a particular user has access to, and who gets to view the data. You can also assign someone else to be the Account Administrator. These privileges are called "roles," and you can assign them by logging in to TransForm Central. Click the Home tab, then click Manage User Roles.

Where do I Enter My License Number? 

The license number(s) you buy from the Alpha Software store are entered in TransForm Central. Click the Home tab, then click Account License Keys.

Where do I Buy a License Number? 

Alpha TransForm licenses are available in the Alpha Software Store.

How Do I Design and Deploy a New Form? 

To create and deploy new forms, log in to TransForm Central and click the Designer Tab at the Top of the page. Then click the + button to add a new Form Type. Choose either Copy Shared to start with a predefined template or click Add Blank to create a new form design from scratch. Follow the on screen prompts.

When you are done, click the link labeled "Click To Save Changes" to save the form to the server. To use the new form on a mobile device, you will need to download it. See How Do I Download New Form Types in the Mobile App.

How do I Create a New Form Using a Template? 

Forms in TranForm Cental can be created by coping built-in templates on the Design tab:

  1. In TransForm Central, open the Designer tab.

  2. Click the + add button to add a new form. Then, click "Select Template".

  3. A list of templates will be shown. Select the template you would like to use to create a new form. Then click "Copy Selected".

  4. Finally, click "Click to save changes" to save your new form.

How Do I Download New Form Types in the Mobile App? 

Open the TransForm Mobile App and Log In. Click the Add Form tab, then click Refresh Definitions.

How Do I Review the Data Submitted in TransForm? 

You can view the data collected in the TransForm app by logging into TransForm Central. Once you have logged in, click the Management Console tab.

How do I create a TransForm API key? 

In order to use the TransForm API, you must create an API key. To create an API key, log in to TransForm Central. Click the Home tab, then click Developer Options > Get TransForm API Key. Select the desired scope(s) and generate the key. Make sure to store your API key in a secure location.

I added a new form type but I don't see it on the Management Console. How do I refresh the Form Types list on the Management Console? 

To refresh the Types of Forms list on the Management Console, click the "refresh" link located at the bottom of the list.

How do I set the default value for a field? 

A default value can be specified for a form field using Initialization commands.

If the form field is a top-level field, the default value is set using the Initialization Commands field in the Form's properties:

If the form field is in a data group, the default value is set in the dataGroupStart's Initialization property:

See Initialization Commands to learn more about how to define the default value for a field.

How do I customize the list of forms in the Alpha TransForm app to display additional information, such as an inspection location or client's phone number? 

Form listings in Alpha TransForm can be customized to display data from the form. Open the Designer tab and select the Form Type to customize. In the Advanced Features section, edit the Heading Template to customize the forms list in the TransForm App and edit the Listing Template to customize the forms list in the Management Console. Templates are created using HTML markup.

Your template can reference data in the fields of the form using the {#fieldname} placeholder. For example:

Customer Name: {#customerName}<br>
{#city}, {#state}

For more information, see the Heading Template and Listing Template documentation.

Is there a way to get a list of every field and it's corresponding field name for a form? 

There are several ways to get a list of field names for a Form Type. In the Designer, on the Management Console, or using the Alpha TransForm API.

  • In the Designer 

    Select the Form Type from the list in the Designer and click 'Edit Form Commands'. In the left-most column, you will see a list of every command in the form including "field" commands. Each field command lists a summary of information here, including the field type, it's field name, the field Title, and it's preview value (if one is specified) in the following format:

  • field fieldType fieldName / "fieldTitle" (fieldPreviewValue)

  • For example, in the Pumpjack Inspection sample form, the Pumpjack ID field appears as shown below in the command list:

  • field list PumpjackID / "Pumpjack ID" (value2)

  • To reference the field, it is expressed as #fieldname. For example:

    Case matters. The field name must match case exactly as it is defined in the Field property for a field command.
  • Field can be used in Heading Templates and Listing Templates to display additional information (such as a customer's name) in the form lists. They can also be used in expressions (such as IF commands) to add dynamic behaviors to a form.

  • On the Management Console 

    You can get a list of form fields from the Quick Input editor. In the Management Console, select the Form Type you wish to get a list of fields for. Then, click the + Add Form button. Click the "Quick Input" option when prompted. This opens the Quick Input editor. Clicking the "Fields" button at the bottom of the editor will insert a list of all fields for the form using the following format:

    fieldTitle (fieldname):
  • You can copy-paste the inserted fields to a text editor such as notepad to use as reference where needed.

  • Using the Alpha TransForm API 

    The GetFieldsInForm API method can be used to retrieve a list of form fields for a specified Form Type from an Alpha TransForm account. See the GetFieldsInForm method documentation for more information.

What is TPL? 

TPL (TransForm Programming Language) is a traditional programming language tuned to the needs of TransForm forms.

TPL code is used in TransForm in two main ways: Standalone expressions to calculate values for display or condition testing and multi-line functions to respond to events such as field value changes or to be called in expressions or other functions.

To learn more, visit the TransForm Programming Language Overview.

How do I open the TPL Code Editor for a Form Type? 

In order to add TPL to events for fields or buttons, you must enable custom code for the form type. To do this, go to the Designer tab, select the form design to wish to customize, click Advanced Features to display the advanced options for the form type. Locate the Enable custom code for this form type property and select "Yes". Finally, click the Edit Custom Code link to open the TPL Code Editor.

How do I add custom code to a button in my Form Type? 

Custom code can be called when the user taps an Action Button in the form.