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How To articles on a variety of subjects.


Where do I buy a license?
Where do I enter my license?
How do I invite users to my account?
What account privileges can I give to other users?
How do I access or give my users access to the Web Filler?
I forgot my password. What should I do?

Mobile App

Where do I find the mobile application?
How do I download new form types in the mobile app?
Why do I get an error message in the mobile app when I try to take a picture or capture my location?
What does "All Forms Hidden" mean?

Designing Forms

How do I design and deploy a new form?
How do I create a new form type from a template?
What is TPL?
How do I customize the list of forms in the Alpha TransForm app to display additional information, such as an inspection location or client's phone number?
How do I open the TPL Code Editor for a Form Type?
How do I add custom code to a button in my Form Type?
How do I create a Calculated Field?
How do I get a list of every field and it's corresponding field name for a form?
How do I set the default value for a field?
Using TPL to Sum up Values in a Data Group
How do I Dynamically Populate the Choices for a List Field?
How do I share a TransForm form design with another user?
How do I import/export a TransForm form design?

Managing Forms

How do I review the data submitted in TransForm?
I added a new form type but I don't see it on the Management Console. How do I refresh the Form Types list on the Management Console?

TransForm API

How do I create a TransForm API key?
How do I revoke a TransForm API key?