RTF Overview


Alpha Anywhere supports RTF (Rich Text Formatted) data in the following ways:

  • Rich Text Format Table Fields (data that you can store in your database and display on a layout)

  • Conditional Rich Text Table Fields (table fields that are conditional displayed on a layout)

  • Rich Text Format Objects (formatted text controls that you display on a layout)

  • Rich Text Data (formatted text contained in a variable)

  • Rich Text Controls on Xdialog forms

A Rich Text Format field, also known as a Rich Text Field, is used for storing formatted text-documents in a table, allowing you to organize documents and even create an online publishing system. Picture


A Rich Text Format object, also known as a Rich Text Object, provides a means for mixing and formatting text, fields, and calculations using a variety of fonts, point sizes, alignment options, and other design attributes. Using Rich Text you can:

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