Mark Operation Example


The Mark, Unmark, and Delete Cards can also be used to delete records. For example, you have a table of customers to whom you want to mail sales flyers. Since there is a chance that some customers may be entered in to the table more than once, you want to search and remove the duplicates.


By specifying the duplicate key expression of Name+Address, you remove all but the unique records in the table.


(Records in gray have been deleted) Deleted records permanently disappear and can no longer be accessed, however, they are not physically removed until you pack the table. You can recover deleted records if you haven't yet Packed the table. To pack a table, you must have exclusive access to the table, it cannot be open in another window or on another computer on the network. The Pack operation is performed by right-clicking on the table in the Control Panel, and choosing Pack from the right-click menu.

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