Menu Capabilities


Alpha Anywhere allows you to create your own custom menus. You can attach custom menus to forms, browses and print preview windows. These menus are called drop-down menus.

You can also attach custom right-click menus to forms, and to browses. Right-click menus appear when you right click on a:

  • form

  • form control

  • browse

Alpha Anywhere lets you specify drop-down menus for the following form modes:

  • View mode (i.e., viewing, entering or editing records)

  • Query by Form mode

  • Find by Form mode

For example, if you specify a custom drop-down menu for view mode and Query by Form mode, the view menu will display when the form is in view mode. If the user selects Query > Query by Form, the menu will change to the specified query menu. If no menu is specified for Query by Form mode, then when the user selects the function, the standard menus are displayed. You can also specify custom right click menus for when the user clicks on the form background in each of the three form modes. By creating custom menus for your forms, browses and print preview windows, you can prevent your users from accessing commands that you do not want them to access. Menu items on your custom menus can:

  • Play a built-in action. For example, a menu item called "Next invoice" could call the Record, Next action from the default menus.

  • Run a Global Script. For example, a menu item called "Print reports" could play a Global Script you created.

  • Run Xbasic commands. For example, a menu item called "New record" could play these Xbasic commands:

    parentform:city.value = "Boston"

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