Alpha Anywhere Developer Environment: First Launch


The first time you launch Alpha Anywhere, you will need to configure the development environment. This guide discusses what you need to do activate Alpha Anywhere and what to expect during your first launch.

Registering Alpha Anywhere: Enter Your License Number 

The first time you launch Alpha Anywhere, you will be prompted to enter your License number. A valid license is required to activate Alpha Anywhere.

  1. Locate your license number. If you do not have a license, you can request a 30 day free trial of Alpha Anywhere. Your license number will be emailed to you, so it is important that you enter a valid email address.

    If you purchased an Alpha Anywhere subscription and cannot locate your license, contact

  2. Enter your Alpha Anywhere license number and click OK.

Once you have registered Alpha Anywhere, you can start using the software. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the Select Workspace dialog.

Understanding the Select Workspace Dialog 

After you register Alpha Anywhere, you will be shown the Select Workspace dialog. Select Workspace has two tabs: Workspace & Tasks and News & Updates.

The News & Updates tab is where you will find details about new releases for Alpha Anywhere, upcoming webinars and events, and links to informative articles.

On the Workspace & Tasks tab, you can load or create a workspace. The workspace options available will depend on the type of application you want to build. Click the Web/Mobile checkbox to expose the options for building web and mobile applications.

Selecting Web/Mobile exposes the options available for creating or opening existing web and mobile applications. Each of these options are explained below:

  • Open an existing Workspace 

    The Open an existing Workspace option lists all Recent Workspaces that you have opened. If this is your first time launching Alpha Anywhere, the Recent Workspaces list will be empty.

  • Create a new, empty Workspace 

    Choose the Create a new, empty Workspace option if you would like to create a new workspace.

  • Restore a backed-up Workspace... 

    If you have previous backed-up a Workspace in Alpha Anywhere, use the Restore a backed-up Workspace... option to restore the workspace. See Backing Up Workspaces for more information on how to create a backup.

  • Sample and Tutorial Workspaces... 

    Alpha Anywhere ships with a number of examples These examples can be installed using the Sample and Tutorial Workspaces... option. Examples include popup dialogs that provide further instructions when you open the example workspace after the workspace is installed. To learn how to install sample and tutorial workspaces, click here.

Now that you are familiar with the Select Workspace dialog, the next step is to learn how to create a new Alpha Anywhere workspace.

Create a New Workspace 

Since this is your first time launching Alpha Anywhere, you will need to create a new Workspace before you can start building applications with Alpha Anywhere. A workspace will contain all files your application needs, including components, javascript libraries, images, HTML pages, .a5w pages, and css style sheets. Creating a new workspace can be done using the Create a new, empty Workspace option.

  1. Click the Create a new, empty Workspace and then click the OK button to create a new workspace.

  2. Create a new directory. This directory is where you will save your project. A good naming convention for Alpha Anywhere projects is to give the workspace the same name as its parent directory. For example, if you're new workspace will be named "HelloAlpha", then the directory should also be named "HelloAlpha".

    Create a new directory where your workspace will be saved.
  3. Navigate inside the directory you created. In the File name: text box, type in the same name you gave the directory. Click the Save button to create your new workspace.

    Naming your workspace.
  4. When the Startup Control Panel appears, check the box for Open the Web Control Panel when this Workspace is opened if you plan to use this workspace to create a Web or Mobile application. The Web Control Panel is where resources for a web or mobile application are listed. Click OK to finish creating your new workspace.

    Specifying the Web Control Panel should be opened when the Workspace is opened.

Now that you have created a workspace, you can start building your first Alpha Anywhere application.

A new, blank Alpha Anywhere workspace.

We have designed several Getting Started tutorials that will guide you through the process of building your first mobile or web application. Click here to choose the tutorial tha best suits your needs to get started, or select a tutorial from the See Also section below.

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