Alpha Anywhere Photo App Tutorial


In this 90 minute video, Dan Bricklin walks you through the process of building a web and mobile application that can capture and store images in a SQL database.


The tutorial begins the course by setting up a SQL table, which you then use to build a browser application. The application is then further built to work on a mobile device and access a phone camera.

The pace is slow enough so that you can build the application along with the video, without needing to stop and rewind. If you have a second monitor or tablet, we suggest that you view the video on that while following along in Alpha Anywhere to build the application.

Setting up a Workspace 

Before starting this tutorial, you must first create a new, empty workspace. Follow the instructions in our Create a Workspace guide to create a workspace before starting this tutorial.

Once you have created a workspace, click on the video link below to start the tutorial.

Photo App Tutorial 

Click the video link below to start the tutorial.

If you prefer written instruction instead of a video, a complete transcript with step-by-step instructions is available for download.

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