Installing Sample and Tutorial Workspaces


Alpha Anywhere ships with sample and tutorial workspaces that can be installed.

Important Notice for Community Edition Users

Most sample workspaces are not available in Alpha Anywhere Community Edition. Sample workspaces are designed for the full version of the Alpha Anywhere Development Environment. Community Edition users may encounter screen shots that don't match their environment due to differences between the two development environments.

We strongly recommend starting with the tutorials in the Alpha Software Learning Center to start learning Alpha Anywhere.

Sample Workspaces

Sample and Tutorial Workspaces may not be as up-to-date as other tutorials available in the Alpha Software Learning Center.

How to Install a Sample Workspace

Sample and Tutorial Workspaces must first be installed before you can use them.

  1. Open the Select Workspace dialog. The Select Workspace dialog opens automatically when Alpha Anywhere is launched.

    The Select Workspace dialog
  2. If Select Workspace dialog does not appear when you launch Alpha Anywhere or Alpha Anywhere is already running, you can click the Recent Workspaces button on the toolbar to open the Select Workspace dialog.

    Click Recent Workspaces in the toolbar after closing all open workspaces to open the Select Workspace dialog
    All open workspaces must first be closed before the Recent Workspaces option appears on the toolbar.
  3. Make sure the Web/Mobile checkbox is checked. This ensures all sample and tutorial applications for mobile and web applications will be listed.

  4. In the Select Workspace dialog, click Sample and Tutorial Workspaces to show a list of all available Sample Applications.

  5. Select the sample or tutorial workspace you wish to install, specify the installation folder, and click OK to install the workspace.


Available Web and Mobile Sample Workspaces

There are several web and mobile application sample and tutorial applications that ship with Alpha Anywhere. Each sample workspace is described below.

  • Application Server Demo

    Learn how to build powerful applications using Alpha Anywhere's Web Component Builders and the Alpha Application Web Server.

  • Demo Mobile Application

    This sample application demonstrates how to building a mobile business application that works against the sample Northwind database.

  • Email Features Demo

    Learn how to automate email tasks, including populating tables in a database with the contents of an email.

  • Learning Xbasic

    This workspace is the sample 'Phone Messages' database used as part of the Learning Xbasic tutorial.

  • Simple Web Contact Manager

    The Simple Web Contact Manager demonstrates how to build a simple web-based contact manager using Alpha Anywhere's Web Component Builders.

  • AlphaSports

    The AlphaSports sample application shows you how to build a full featured application for the fictitious AlphaSports company. It includes sample reports that can be used in web applications.

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