The Alpha Developer IDE


The Alpha Developer is the integrated development environment (IDE), in which you build your application. It includes code editors, automation tools for writing and organizing your applications, preview screens, and a debugger. The main parts of the IDE are listed below.

Web Projects Control Panel 

The Web Projects Control Panel is the primary interface for working with the files and settings of your application. From this control panel you can launch editors to create or modify your application. You can preview your application, and you can publish it for deployment. See Web Projects Control Panel Documentation for details.

Component Editors 

Alpha Anywhere applications are built out components. Some components are general purpose, like the UX Component, a primary building block for mobile applications. Some are more specific, like the Google Map component. Each component type has its own component builder.

Report Editor 

Alpha Anywhere includes two types of a report builders/editors. The first is called The Report Builder, and is not optimized for web/mobile use. It is included for backwards compatibility to applications built with Alpha Five Version 11 and prior. The second is called the Layout Table Report Editor, which is a robust, multi-banded report builder, which can be used to create PDFs, HTML reports, and formatter Excel files. For details see the Layout Table Reports documentation.

Code Editors 

Alpha Anywhere includes several code editors, including an HTML editor, an Xbasic editor, a Javascript Editor. In addition is offers Action Scripting and Action Javascsript to automatically generate tested code. The generated code can be used as is, ot it can be further refined in the Xbasic and Javascript editors.


Preview your application with the Previews tabs. Previews can also include mobile simulators - allowing you to see how your application appears on different mobile devices.


Alpha Anywhere includes a debugger that lets you step through and examine your server-side Xbasic code. Alpha Anywhere can also launch the Chrome Debugger to debug JavaScript code.


You can also adjust the look, feel and behavior if the Alpha Developer IDE itself using the Settings dialog box, available from the View Menu when the Web Projects Control Panel is active.

Control Panel 

The Control Panel is an interface for keeping track of the files and components in applications built specifically for the Windows desktop. It is included for backward compatibility with Alpha Five Version 11 or older, and is generally not used when building web and mobile applications.

Video Library 

The Video Finder can be used from within Alpha Anywhere to search our vast library of videos on a variety of topics ranging from detailed multi-part tutorials to short How To's.