Installing Alpha Anywhere


Follow this step by step guide to install Alpha Anywhere.

Download Alpha Anywhere using the link sent to you via email from Alpha Software. This download link can be for either the demo version or subscription for Alpha Anywhere. Visit the Trial Download Site to request a free trial version of Alpha Anywhere.

You may also want to watch the video below which guides you through the installation and startup process for Alpha Anywhere.

  1. Run the installer with a Windows account with Administartor privileges.

  2. Windows User Account Control may ask you if you want to run the installer. Click Yes to continue with the installation.

  3. When the Alpha Anywhere installer appears, click the Next > button to begin the installation of Alpha Anywhere.

    The Alpha Anywhere Installer
  4. On the License Agreement page, check the box for "I agree" and click Next >.

    License Agreement page
  5. The default Destination Location for Alpha Anywhere is C:\Program File (x86)\a5v12. Click Next >.

    Destination Location page
  6. On the Select Program Manager Group page, click Next >

    Select Program Manager Group page
  7. Click Next > on the Start Installation page to begin the install.

    The Start Installation page
  8. Let the Alpha Anywhere installer run to completion. Alpha Anywhere installs Node.js as part of the installation process. This requires opening a terminal window. The terminal window will close automatically when the Node.js install is complete. Alpha Anywhere also requires the .NET framework. Run the .NET installer if you are prompted to install .NET.

    Installing Alpha Anywhere
  9. When the installation is complete, you will be taken to the final page in the installer. Click Finish > to exit the installer.

    Installation Completed page

Alpha Anywhere requires a restart to complete the installation before you can start using it. You will be prompted to restart the computer when the installer exits.

Changing the Alpha Anywhere Installation Directory 

Follow the instructions below to change the installation directory for Alpha Anywhere.

Destination Location page
  1. On the Destination Location page, click the Browse button to change the installation directory.

    The Select Destination Directory dialog
  2. The default directory for Alpha Anywhere is a5v12. To change the default directory, type in the directory name you wish to install Alpha Anywhere.

    Changing the Installation directory to "a5v12_Alternate"
    Clicking on a directory will not change the installation path for Alpha Anywhere. You must type in the name of the directory to install Alpha Anywhere if you do not want it to be named "a5v12".
  3. Proceed with the rest of the install as described above.

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