Alpha Cloud - Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide

Key Alpha Cloud Features

Publish Directly From the Alpha Anywhere Development Environment - Create a publishing profile for your application that publishes directly to the Alpha Cloud.

Multiple Geographic Regions - Because Alpha Cloud runs on Amazon, your application can run where they do. Amazon currently has regions across the United States, in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. As of this writing Alpha Cloud is available in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. As demand increases for other AWS regions, we will support deployments there as well.

Load Balancing - Every deployed web site is part of a group of servers that are accessed through a load balancer.

Failover - Every deployed web site is part of a group of redundant servers. Having more than one server means that the failure of one server may slow things down temporarily, but requests will continue to be serviced. Should one of those servers fail, a replacement is started automatically.

Scaling - Every deployed web site is part of a group of servers that scales horizontally automatically. Horizontal scaling adds additional servers when the load on the existing servers exceeds some threshold for a sustained period of time. If the load is reduced over a period of time, a server will automatically be removed from the group.

Application Rollback - When a web project is published to the Alpha Cloud, a new version of the application it is assigned to is created. You can choose to publish a prior version (roll back) or a more recent version (roll forward) of the application as you need to.

Multiple Deployments per Published Application - Published web projects can also be (optionally) deployed immediately to a single web site. Once an application is published to the cloud, it can be deployed to any number of web sites. You can deploy different versions of your application to different sites and virtual paths. Consider, for example deploying one version of your application to a test site before deploying it to production. You might also give developers access to a site they can test and debug with without interfering with the production site or the test site.

Choice of the Alpha Anywhere Server Build - Each deployed web project/application can be assigned a different build of Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS to run on. This is especially useful for testing a new build of Alpha Anywhere before choosing to run in production on that build. Alpha Cloud does NOT automatically move you to a new build of Alpha Anywhere. You are always in control and choose the build to run with.

Domain Name Support - You can point your own domain to your web site.

TLS (also called SSL) Support - TLS is available whether you assign a host from your own domain to the site or not. If you do point your own domain name at the site, you will need to create and upload a TLS certificate for your own domain name as well.

Tenancy Control - Run your web site on a publicly shared server group, run it with specifically selected web sites you deploy, or assign it to its own server group.

Fine Grained Delegation of Resource Management - Assign primary contacts and authorized users to accounts, applications, web sites and other resources within your cloud subscription.