Alpha Launch Checklist


A checklist for deploying mobile applications to Alpha Launch.


Follow the list of steps below to ensure successful deployment of your Alpha Launch applications.

  1. Build Your App 

    Create the application you want to distribute using Alpha Launch.

  2. Add an Exit Button 

    A critical component of every Alpha Launch app is the Exit Button that allows the user to return to the Home screen in Alpha Launch where apps can be installed or updated. The button can execute Action Javascript or execute the following code:

    // JavaScript to add to the Exit button:
    if( {;};
  3. Create a Publish Profile 

    Configure a publish profile that will be used to publish Alpha Launch applications to the host server.

  4. Publish Your App 

    • Select the Alpha Launch Publishing Profile.
    • Provide a description and name for your Alpha Launch server.
    • Input your Amazon S3 information (for publishing installation files on S3.)
    • Generate a QR Code to share with your users.

    Hosting Alpha Launch Apps for Android on the Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server

    Are you publishing your Alpha Launch apps to the Standard Application Sever and planning to install your Alpha Launch app on Android devices? On some devices, an error can occur when installing an App from the Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server if the App has a large number of files. The Standard Application Server limits the number of files that can be simultaneously served. On some devices, such as Android devices, the device tries to download all files simultaneously, exceeding the capacity of the Standard Application Server.

    You can work around this problem by copying the folder that contains your App files to a bucket on Amazon S3. When configuring the Alpha Launch profile, set the Download location for the App to the URL of the S3 bucket to specify the application's files should be downloaded from Amazon S3 and not the Application Server.

    This limitation will be corrected in a future release of Alpha Launch.

  5. Verify the Server URL 

    Test the URL for your Alpha Launch server to ensure the URL for your server is correct by accessing the availableAppInfo.txt file in your web browser. The availableAppInfo.txt file is published to the same location as your Alpha Launch apps. Simply append availableAppInfo.txt to the Server URL where your Alpha Launch apps were published.

    If the file doesn't open, then either the URL for your Alpha Launch apps is incorrect or publishing did not complete. Make sure the Alpha Anywhere Application Server is running, your publishing profile is correct, and publish your app again.

    [Alpha Launch Server URL]/availableAppInfo.txt
  6. Generate a Server QR Code 

    Generate a QR Code that can be easily shared and scanned to add your server to Alpha Launch.

  7. Add the Server to Alpha Launch 

    Add your Alpha Launch server to Alpha Launch using the generated QR Code or by manually entering the URL to where your Alpha Launch apps are hosted.

  8. Install Your App in Alpha Launch