Data Integration


Guides on using manipulating data in the server.


JSON, or Javascript Object Notation, is simply a terse way of storing javascript objects.

Xbasic Code Editors - JSON Strings - Real-time Validation

If you use the specify <<%json%... %json% delimiters to enter a long string of JSON data, the Xbasic editor will perform real-time validation on the JSON data.

Storage Connections

Storage is an Alpha Anywhere abstraction for dealing with different types of storage using a standard interface. Several types of storage are supported, including Amazon S3, Azure, Wasabi, SharePoint, and Disk storage.

Consuming Data from OData Sources

AlphaDAO connections can be created for performing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) actions against an OData source.

Retrieving Data to XML

Create an SQL::Connection object, select data from a server, and convert it to XML.


Learn how to work with Salesforce and integrate it into your applications.