Working with SQL


Tips on creating databases, creating SQL queries using Alpha Anywhere's Portable SQL Syntax, using the SQL command window, and more.

About SQL

The language that you use to talk to an AlphaDAO back-end database is SQL. The two most common types of SQL commands that you will want to send to your database are commands that returns a set of records (do not confuse the use of the word "set" here with Alpha Anywhere's Set object) and commands that update, delete, or insert records into the database.

Supported Portable SQL Syntax

Overview of supported SQL syntax in portable SQL queries.

Define an AlphaDAO SQL Query

Step by step instructions for defining an SQL Query, from establishing a connection to retrieving data.

Using the SQL Genie

The SQL Genie helps you write SQL expressions. This page contains some pointers on how to use it.

SQL Command Window

The SQL Command Window provides a mechanism for testing SQL statements. There are several ways to open the SQL Command Window:

Importing Data Into Alpha Anywhere

How to use ODBC to access different data sources and use them in Alpha Anywhere.

Create Snapshots

Creating databases and table snapshots.

Updating Records in a Back-End Database

A look at how to update records using SQL UPDATE.

Define SQL Statement Dialog

The ADO Import Genie uses the Define SQL Statement dialog to create SQL SELECT statements.

AlphaDAO Objects

The Alpha Anywhere Enterprise edition provides Xbasic program access to SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL as well as Microsoft Access. This functionality extends the familiar Alpha Anywhere database features that previously supported only .DBF files. AlphaDAO provides the following SQL objects. Each object has properties and methods.

Creating a SQLite Database

The SQLite Database genie can be used to create a SQLite Database for your application.

AlphaDAO - Listing Tables in a Database

When you use the .listTables() or .listTablesWithTypes() methods to list the tables in a database, by default, only the first 1,000 objects are listed.

Portable SQL

This page contains a general overview of portable SQL and the SQL::Query and SQL::Connection Objects.

SQL History Dialog

At any time while running the SQL Command dialog, you may click the 'curvy arrow and footprints' icon.

Working with SQL Databases Help Pages

Alpha Anywhere's Enterprise software gives you the ability to read and write to back-end database products in a manner similar to the way you would read and write to an Alpha Anywhere table.

Back-End SQL Databases