Run Saved Operation


The Run Saved Operation action allows you to run a previously created operation.


  1. Make a selection in the Select Operation Type list. This drop-down list has the names of the different types of Operations you can create. When you select one, all the Operations of that type that you have created will be shown in the Operation Name list box.

  2. Optionally check the Only show Operations for current Table/Set check box to filter the Operation Name list.

  3. Make a selection from the Operation Name list.

  4. If you selected "" from the Operation Name list, make a selection from the When prompting, show Operations from list. the options are:

    • "Current Table/Set"

    • "Another Table/Set"

  5. If you selected "Another Table/Set", pick a table or set from the Select Table/Set Name list.

  6. Click the Options tab.

  7. Optionally, check the Run silently check box to run the operation without prompting the user.

  8. Click Next >.

  9. Optionally, set record selection criteria.

  10. Click Next >.

  11. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  12. Click Finish.


Desktop Applications Only

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