What is a Set?


Alpha Anywhere uses a conceptual model called a set to describe a system of tables and their relationships to each other. A set is a combination of lined tables. Once defined, you can use a set as if it were a single table; you can view data in the set, enter new data, or use it to design a report. Sets enable you to:

Alpha Anywhere provides lookup functions that you can use to retrieve values in external tables and databases. However, establishing links using a set gives you more flexibility.

Reading Data from a Set

A table contains data. A set is a relationship between tables, but does it itself contain data. A set selects and organizes records from two or more tables. It allows you to fetch (read) composite records. However, you must use the tables of the set to read the data in these fields. For example, set Dset is composed of records Atable, Btable, and Ctable.


Suppose you want to read field Efield in table Ctable. The syntax would be:

dim set_pointer as P
dim c_table_pointer as P
set_pointer = set.open("Dset")
c_table_pointer = set_pointer.Ctable
set_pointer.fetch_next(3) ' level 3 corresponds to Ctable
field_E_data = c_table_pointer.Efield

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