Netmailer Overview


Netmailer is a fully integrated Alpha Anywhere AddIn for sending the same email message or customized messages containing information from your database, to each person on your mailing list. With additional features, Netmailer Professional helps you to maintain your email lists by monitoring messages sent to email address(es) that you designate, adding addresses to your lists when you receive a subscription request, and removing addresses from your lists when you receive remove requests.

Netmailer is sold as an add-in to Alpha Anywhere. Contact sales at Alpha Software for more information.

About Sending Bulk Email

Using the Netmailer Bulk Email feature, you can do the following tasks:

  • Use a table or set as the data source for your mailing.

  • Send the same message to each email address on your list, or customized messages using data from a table or set.

  • Specify a filter expression for sending email to a subset of your list.

  • Skip email addresses in specified Exclude lists.

  • Avoid sending email to addresses in your Remove list, without having to remove the data from your list.

  • Avoid adding back an address from the Remove list. (Maintenance jobs only)

  • Check for duplicate email addresses and send email to unique addresses only.

  • Send email messages in HTML format, plain text, both, or HTML conditionally.

  • Send messages in both text and HTML formats, and display the text version if the recipient email client cannot display HTML.

  • Send an HTML message conditionally, based on an expression.

  • Include multiple attachments with each email message; you can send the same attachment, or custom attachments with each email message.

  • Specify custom email headers for each mailing.

  • Create a log file containing information on whether messages were sent successfully.

  • Update a field in the source table or set that indicates whether an email was sent successfully.

  • Stop and resume a mailing; for example, if you are sending a mailing to a very large number of recipients, you can stop the job, at any time, and resume the mailing from the stopping point.

  • Send messages in batches, when sending the same message to each recipient, to speed up the mailing process.

  • Specify the batch size. For example, if you specify a batch size of 10, Netmailer sends the same email message to each group of ten email addresses on your list, making only one connection per batch, instead of ten.

  • The maximum batch size depends on your SMTP server. Netmailer attempts to determine the maximum batch size for you.

  • Send messages containing conditional text; for example, a customer meeting one set of conditions would get one message, while another customer might get a different message.

  • Send messages containing pre-defined boilerplate text.

About Netmailer Professional Maintenance Jobs

Netmailer Professional helps you to:

  • maintain your Email and Remove lists

  • automatically or interactively validate email addresses

Netmailer Professional can scan email messages received at specified email addresses. For example, you might instruct your mailing recipients to change their subscription status by:

Using Netmailer Professional, you can:

  • Check a mailbox for Subscribe and Remove requests and add them to a list.

  • Check a mailbox for undeliverable email and add them to a list of bounced addresses.

  • Add the messages at a specified email address to a Subscribe or Remove list, or add only messages with specified keywords in the subject line.

  • Automatically or interactively validate email addresses.

  • Save invalid email addresses in a table for review.

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