An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.

ActiveX and OLE Overview

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is about using documents generated by one application inside another application. ActiveX is a Microsoft rebranding of OLE with more focus on smart Windows controls. Automation is a simple but powerful way to link software together without having to share source code. It lets a client program "drive" a server program. Automation is also used for dynamically loadable "in-process" libraries.

Reading an Excel Spreadsheet with OLE

The following script shows how to read data from an Excel spreadsheet into a character array.

Translating OLE Syntax Examples

The Alpha Anywhere application developer who wants to integrate his application with Microsoft Office will be able to find Visual Basic or Visual FoxPro code samples. These samples can be easily converted to Xbasic format.

Using 3rd Party ActiveX Controls in Runtime Applications

Users of Runtime applications that use 3rd party ActiveX controls do not own a licensed copy of the ActiveX control. as a result, even though the particular ActiveX control is physically present on the user's machine and is properly registered, when a user tries to run the application, he gets an error saying that the control is not licensed.