Creating Scripts attached to Forms and Form Objects


  1. To create a new script:

    • From the menu bar, select Scripts > New Script, and choose Use Action Script Editor or Use Xbasic Code Editor.

    • If you are going to create a script:

      • Select either the Script Genie or Xbasic radio buttons.

      • Enter the name of the script in the Script Name field.

      • Optionally, check Put script on Favorites list. This will make the script appear in the Scripts menu for the form or browse.

      • Optionally, enter a comment in the Script Description field. Your Favorites list will show the description in place of the script name.

      • Optionally, check Associate image with script to display the Image Name field.

      • Click the 'palette' icon to the Insert Image dialog box to select an image.

    • If you are going to create a function:

      • Display the Functions tab.

      • Enter the Function Name.

      • Select the Return Type.

      • Optionally, if you know what arguments the function will take, check Specify optional arguments.

      • Enter the names and types of the arguments.

    • Click OK to continue or Cancel to discard your inputs.

      • If you selected Script Genie in step 2a, the Action Script Editor opens.

      • If you selected Xbasic in step 2a or decided to create a function, the Code Editor opens.

When you are done, save the script and it will appear in the Scripts menu for the form or browse.

Show Favorites Toolbar

Selecting Scripts > Show Favorites Toolbar displays a toolbar with buttons for each of your favorite scripts.


The toolbar remains open while you work, giving you quick access to your favorite scripts.