Open Default Form or Browse



The Open Default Form or Browse action opens the default form or browse window for a table or set. You can use this to display records to a user or allow them to edit information. The action also returns a pointer to the window that you can use to manipulate the contents of that window.


  1. Make a selection in the Open Default Form or Browse Layout? field. The choices are:

    • "Form"

    • "Browse"

  2. In the For which Table/Set? field select one of the listed forms or browses.

  3. Optionally, click the Advanced tab. as the tab explains, you should not make any changes here unless you have a specific reason for doing so. The pointer required to write Xbasic code that reads or writes form or browse values or properties.

  4. Optionally, change the pointer name in the Pointer field.

  5. Optionally, change the scope of the pointer variable. Scope controls what other scripts can use this pointer.

    • "Session" means that all the other scripts on the window you opened will have access to the variable.

    • "Global" will allow any script running, even from another form, to access this pointer.

  6. Click Next >.

  7. Optionally, specify the record selection criteria to apply in addition to those defined in the layout.

  8. Click Next >.

  9. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  10. Click Finish.

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