Quick Dialog


The Quick Dialog action displays a selection dialog box in any of three styles, using radio buttons, a tree control, or a list box.


  1. Select a style for the dialog box, which can be:

    • "Radio Buttons"

    • "Tree Control"

    • "List Box"

  2. Click the Add Choices button to display the Import Choices dialog box and to enter one or more choices.

  3. Click OK to continue.

  4. Optionally, in the Default Choice list select a default value.

  5. Specify a title for the dialog box.

  6. Click Preview to see how the dialog box will appear when finished.

  7. Click Next >.

  8. Specify actions for each of your choices. The actions can be:

    • "Perform Actions". Create a series of actions to run.

    • "Play a Script". Run a pre-built action script or Xbasic script.

    • "Run Xbasic". Run in-line Xbasic code (including calls to user defined functions).

  9. If you selected "Perform Actions", click Add/Edit Actions to define one or more actions.

  10. If you selected "Play a Script", select the script from the Script list.

  11. If you selected "Run Xbasic", enter your Xbasic code.

  12. Click Preview to see how the dialog box will appear when finished.

  13. Click Next > to begin formatting the dialog box.

  14. Optionally, specify the font, size, and style for both the choices.

  15. Optionally, change the default background color for the dialog box.

  16. Optionally, change the number of rows of choices to show.

  17. Optionally, click Header Text, Footer Text, Left Panel Text, or Right Panel Text to display the Define Text dialog box and specify additional descriptive text that you can put on any side of the choices.

  18. Optionally, define the OK and Cancel button labels.

  19. Optionally, define whether the dialog box will be modal or modeless.

  20. Click Preview to see what the dialog will look like when finished.

  21. Click Next >.

  22. Optionally, modify the comment that describes the action.

  23. Click Finish to return to the Action Scripting Editor.

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