Quick Sort


The Quick Sort action sorts the records in a window, based on the control that currently has focus, or on another explicitly specified control. For instance, if you specify this sort operation to sort on the lastname field, the action will always sort on the lastname field, regardless of focus. You may also specify that the operation should sort based on the field with focus. This leaves the operation more open-ended, allowing the quick sort action to run on whichever field the user gives focus to.


  1. Make a selection in the Sort on a field in which window? field. This field will be grayed out unless this action is based on a Form or Browse. The choices are:

    • "Current Form or Browse Window".

    • "Another Form or Browse Window".

  2. If you selected "Another Form or Browse Window", in the Window Name field select either:

    • "Forms"

    • "Browses"

  3. Select one of the listed forms or browses.

  4. Make a selection from In the QuickSort on which control list. The options are:

    • "Control that currently has focus". Leaves the sort action context-sensitive.

    • "Another control". Displays the Control Name drop-down box containing a list of available control names from the form or browse window.

  5. If you selected "Another control", select a control from the Control Name drop-down box.

  6. Make a selection in the Sort direction list. The options are:

    • "Ascending"

    • "Descending"

  7. Click Next >.

  8. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  9. Click Finish.

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