Go to Record Key



The Go to Record Key action displays the records matching a key value. The key value can be defined ahead of time, or by prompting the user at run-time.


  1. Make a selection in the Go to record in which Form/Browse window? field. This field will be grayed out unless this action is based on a Form or Browse. The choices are:

    • "Current Form or Browse Window".

    • "Another Form or Browse Window".

  2. If you selected "Another Form or Browse Window", in the Window Name field select either:

    • "Forms"

    • "Browses"

  3. Select one of the listed forms or browses.

  4. Make a selection from the How will you specify the record number to go to? list. The options are:

    • "Specify record key value now"

    • "Specify a variable that contains the key value"

    • "Specify an expression that evaluates to the key value"

    • "Prompt user at run time"

  5. If you selected "Specify record number now", enter the number in the Key value field.

  6. If you selected "Specify a variable that contains the record number", enter the variable name in the Variable Name field. Optionally, click the 'down' icon button to select an existing variable.

  7. If the variable is new, select is type from the Variable Type list.

  8. If you selected "Specify an expression that evaluates to the record number", enter the expression in the Expression field. Optionally, click the x-y button to open the Expression Builder.

  9. Click Next >.

  10. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  11. Click Finish.

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