Set Z-Order of Window


The Set Z-Order of Window action moves a window to the top or bottom of the stack of visible windows or underneath a specified window. Choose to show the current window, or another Form or Browse window.


  1. The Set Z-Order of which window? selection will be set to "Another Form or Browse Window" if your script is not attached to a window. If it is attached to a window, your option will be "Current Window".

  2. Select either of these two radio buttons to populate the Window name list:

    • "Forms"

    • "Browses"

  3. Select the form or browse from the Window name list.

  4. Select a value from the Position list. The possible values are:

    • "Top"

    • "Bottom"

    • "Underneath a specified window"

  5. If you selected "Underneath a specified window" in step 4, select a window in the Which window? list.

  6. Click Next >.

  7. Optionally modify the comment that describes the action.

  8. Click Finish.

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