Desktop Application Security


Adding security to desktop applications.

Implementing Security in Desktop Applications

To prevent unauthorized access to your desktop application, you can put passwords on the application's buttons and layouts. Button passwords prevent the button's action from occurring until the correct password is entered. Layout passwords prevent the layout from being edited until the correct password is entered.

Securing Your Database in Desktop Applications

Alpha Anywhere provides numerous ways for you to protect your desktop application design and the data in your database.

Setting Up Workspace Security in Desktop Applications

Alpha Anywhere includes a security framework that lets you create a Master Password for a Workspace Administrator. The administrator can then define separate or shared user accounts and passwords.

Startup Event Sequence for Desktop Applications

The following illustration shows the sequence of events when you have implemented user level security, user scripts, and an autoexec script.

Managing Users and Groups in Desktop Applications

How to use the Users and Groups Dialog in Desktop Application Security.

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