Stylesheets Dialog


Opening the stylesheets dialog, using the stylesheets dialog, applying a stylesheet to a layout, creating a new stylesheet, updating a stylesheet, and deleting a stylesheet.

Opening the Stylesheets Dialog

You can apply a Stylesheet to a layout in Design Mode using the Stylesheets dialog. To open the Stylesheets dialog:

  1. In layout design mode, select Stylesheets > Apply or Create a Stylesheet. Stylesheet Gallery:


Using the Stylesheets Dialog

The left column of the Stylesheets dialog lists the available Style Sheets. Clicking on a stylesheet name displays a preview of the style sheet in the Preview pane. The right column lists the commands available.

Applying a Stylesheet to a Layout

To apply a selected Stylesheet to a layout:

  1. Select the Style Sheet from the list and click the Apply button.

  2. The layout is updated to reflect the Stylesheet formatting.

Creating a New Stylesheet

There are two ways to create a new Stylesheet. You can create a Style Sheet based on an open layout, or copy an existing Stylesheet. Copying Stylesheets lets you create variations without losing the original, and lets you modify the built-in Alpha Anywhere Stylesheets. To create a new Stylesheet based on the current layout:

  1. Click the Create New button.

  2. In the Create New Stylesheet dialog box, enter a Style Name for your new Stylesheet. Entering a Style Name:


To copy an existing style:

  1. In the Stylesheets dialog, select the style you want to copy.

  2. Click the Duplicate button.

  3. Enter a Style Name for the new style and click Duplicate. Enter a Style Name for the Duplicate:


The new style appears in the Stylesheets dialog.

Updating a Stylesheet

You can update an existing Stylesheet to reflect the formatting of a layout. Note : Updating a Stylesheet overwrites existing properties in the Stylesheet. You cannot update system Style Sheets. To update an existing Stylesheet:

  1. In the Stylesheets dialog, select the style you want to update.

  2. Click the Update button.

  3. Alpha prompts you to make sure you want to overwrite the Stylesheet.

Deleting a Stylesheet

You can delete user-created Stylesheets, but not the system Stylesheets. To delete a Stylesheet:

  1. In the Stylesheets dialog, select the style you want to delete.

  2. Click the Delete button.

  3. Alpha prompts you to makes sure you want to delete the Stylesheet.

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