Desktop Chart


An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.

Creating Charts with SimpleChart

Creating various charts with SimpleChart.

Displaying Miscellaneous Chart Examples

The Main Menu of AlphaSports contains a button labeled "Miscellaneous Examples". This button runs an Action Script, which in turn runs an Xbasic script named "MiscExamples" using the Scripts > Run a Script action. This script displays pie and bar charts created with a SimpleChart ActiveX control. This is a feature of Alpha Five Version 7.

Pie Chart

This example shows how to use the Microsoft Office Chart ActiveX Control.

SimpleChart Style Xdialog

The SimpleChart style Xdialog displays numeric data in the form of a bar, pie, or line chart. To create a list view style Xdialog.

Using Charts in Xdialogs

To use a chart programmatically in an Xdialog:

Using Charts on Forms

In a desktop form, you can add a chart by selecting the Embedded Chart icon from the toolbox and dragging a rectangle for the chart on the form. The chart builder will come up, and you can configure it as described in Chart Control. All form variables will be available to the chart.

Using The Google Charts API in Your Applications

The Google Charts api is documented at: link). Google Charts is a free Google service that allows you to generate graphs as images by calling a web service. The example below shows how a call is made to the Google Charts service. The service returns binary data in the form of a PNG image. We then load the PNG data into an Alpha Anywhere internal image with the ui_bitmap_png_load() function and finally display the image on an Xdialog.

XY Graph

This example shows how to use the Microsoft Office Chart ActiveX Control.