Desktop Design Control Panel


An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.

Alpha Anywhere Control Panel

When using Alpha Anywhere, you work with one database at a time. The database Control Panel is a tabbed interface that organizes the objects in your database. There are several different views of the Control Panel, that can be called by clicking on the appropriate button on the system toolbar.

Automatically Positioning the Cursor

You can specify where the cursor appears during edits.

Manipulating the Control Panel

When you write an application for others to use, you will typically want to hide the standard Alpha Anywhere Control Panel. To do this, create a Global Script called "Autoexec". This script should execute the following Xbasic command:

Runtime Control Panel

The Runtime Control Panel settings control what panels are available in a runtime application that uses the Control Panel.

Starting the AlphaSports Application

The OnInit Event.

Using Global Search of Scripts and Functions

The Code tab in the Control Panel lets you search for a string in all of your global scripts and functions. You can search in all scripts and functions, or you can use wildcard character filters to limit the scripts and functions in which you search. Display the Code tab, then select Code > Search Scripts and Functions.