Multi-Select Queries


Multi-Select Queries provides a technique for building queries that select a set of records by record number. To use Multi-Select:

  1. Select Query > Multi-Select to display the Multi-Select dialog box.

  2. Navigate to (Form Mode) or select (Browse Mode) a record you want included in the query, and click the green '+' Add to List to add the record number to the list.

  3. Repeat for each record you want included in the query.

  4. In Browse Mode, you can add multiple rows at once by selecting records using the Record Selector on the left edge of the browse, and then clicking the green '+' icon to Add to List.

  5. Select a record number and click the red '-' icon to remove it from the list.

  6. Click the following to clear the list.

  7. Click Create Query to run the query.