Desktop Queries


An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.

Multi-Select Queries

Multi-Select Queries provides a technique for building queries that select a set of records by record number. To use Multi-Select:

Query by Expression

The Query by Expression dialog box is available when viewing both forms and browses, and lets you filter and sort records by directly entering filter and order expressions. Query by Expression is primarily intended for experienced users who are more comfortable writing expressions than using Genies.

Query by Form

This page examiones ordering records, selecting records, querying by form, querying with multiple forms, querying by form syntax, and saving and opening queries.

Query Genie

The Query Genie lets you create powerful search and sort operations by navigating through easy-to-understand dialog boxes. The Query Genie is perhaps the easiest way for an inexperienced user to define complex searches of their database. It's also great for ad-hoc queries while viewing records in a form or browse.

Query Operations

This page provides an overview of query operations and looks at how to perform them.

Special Queries

The Select Filter dialog box lets quickly perform one of several pre-defined queries. Special Queries include:

Updating, Selecting, and Deactivating Query Lists

After you run Query-by-Form, the query list it generates remains active until you specify otherwise. It is important to remember that a query list is static, and becomes out-of-date as records are added and changed. When a query list becomes out-of-date, you can do the following: