Desktop Labels


An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.

Choosing the Label Size

Change the Label size using the Label Size list. This dialog box lets you choose a pre-defined size, or create your own size. Alpha Anywhere's Label Library contains dozens of popular Label size definitions. You can choose your own Label size or add one to the library. If you add a new size to the library, it will appear in the list of pre-defined choices whenever you create a new Label. Additionally, the Label definition you create becomes available to any other network user, provided you both have the same Shared Path. You can also choose not to use the Label Size list, and save the size criteria in the Label itself. This method is appropriate if you do not wish to use the size again. To make a selection, click either the Use standard size from library or Store custom size with Label layout radio buttons.

Create a Label Layout

Alpha Anywhere's Label layouts let you print information on commercially available sticky-labels. Most commonly, a Label layout is created to print mail Labels to put on envelopes. However, they have other uses as well. For example, you can use them to create name tags or to catalog objects in an archive.

Label Properties

A list of various properties and descriptions of their purpose.