Using the Spell Check


The Alpha Anywhere Spell Check lets you check the current record, the current selection of records, or the current field. To start the Spell Check :

  1. While in a form or browse, click to spell check the current record. Alternatively, select Tools > Check Spelling, and select the range you want to check, which may be:

    • images/Spellcheck_button.gif
    • Current Record

    • Current Field...

    • Current Field (all Records, from current record to end)...

    • All Records (from current record to end)...

  2. The Spell Check dialog appears, letting you customize the scope of the operation.

  3. When the Spelling Checker finds a questionable word, it displays it the Field with Spelling error text box and suggests a replacement in the Replace with text box.

  4. If the word is correctly spelled:

    • 1. Optionally, click Ignore Once to skip this instance.

    • 2. Optionally, click Ignore All to skip all instances.

    • 3. Optionally, click Ignore Field to stop checking this field.

    • 4. Optionally, click Add Word to add the word to the dictionary.

  5. If the word is incorrectly spelled:

    • 1. Optionally, select the replacement from the dictionary list at the bottom of the screen or

    • 2. Optionally, type the correct spelling into the Replace with text box.

    • 3. Click Replace to correct this misspelling.

    • 4. Click Replace All to correct all misspellings.

You can set a property of a field in both forms and browses to specify that the field should not be spell checked. You can edit the words contained in the User Dictionary. These are the words that are added to the dictionary when you click the Add Word button. To edit the user dictionary, select Tools > Check Spelling > Edit User Dictionary, or click the Edit icon in the bottom right corner of the Spell Check dialog box.



Desktop applications only. Not available in Community Edition.

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