Radio Buttons


Creating and using radio button controls.

Freeform Radio Button Controls

Sometimes, it is desirable to spread out your radio buttons in different locations on the dialog box. To do this, you use freeform radio button controls. With freeform radio button controls, you have complete freedom as to how the radio buttons are placed on the dialog. To create a freeform radio button control on a dialog, you use the '(' and ')' delimiters.

Owner Draw Radio Buttons

This dialog box demonstrates Freeform Radio buttons that use images instead of text. The B directive sets the style of the button, shading the background of the button when the mouse is over it. The T directive defines the bubble help text. The I directive defines the image to be displayed.

Radio Button Controls

This page describes how to create radio button controls and how to test a radio control's variable.

Setting Choices for Radio Buttons

Describes how to set radio button choices, including how to set user defined choices.