.Net Integration


How to use .Net from Xbasic.

.NET Framework Support

Alpha Anywhere supports calling into .NET Framework assemblies from Xbasic. This opens up a wealth of additional capabilities for Xbasic programs for very little effort.

Creating .NET Arrays in Xbasic

This section discusses creating .Net Array objects from Xbasic.

.NET Examples

Xbasic examples for working with .NET objects in Alpha Anywhere.

Full List of Preloaded .NET Classes

Full list of preloaded .NET classes in Alpha Anywhere.

.NET Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

The .NET Framework Global Assembly Cache. The external link below connects to a Microsoft site describing the GAC and its use in sharing assemblies among applications.

Preloaded .NET Classes

The following .NET assemblies are loaded automatically, and all exported types are registered under either the System or Microsoft namespace. Click on any of the links to see the Microsoft documentation for the namespace that corresponds most closely with each assembly. See the [full list of preloaded .NET Classes] for more detail, and use the listed class names as search terms for the documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com.

Running External Programs from Within Alpha Anywhere Using .NET

A common requirement is to run external programs from with Alpha Anywhere. Xbasic has had the sys_shell() and sys_shell_wait() command for many versions, but you can also use .Net framework methods.

Writing Xbasic wrapper classes for .NET classes

Xbasic has a simple method for defining native wrapper classes for .NET classes that can help you avoid writing registration code every time you use a class. Simply create a class in your project and make the body of your class the desired registration code. Then save the class file as <Namespace>.<Class> and reference it in your code as <Namespace>::<Class>. Note that the class filename includes a dot, while the class reference includes two colons.