Localization & Application Internationalization


Applications supporting multiple languages can be built in Alpha Anywhere.


By default, all messages in applications built with Alpha Anywhere are in English. These messages, however, can be changed to other languages or encapsulated in language tags and dynamically updated based on the user's language preference.

Language tags are used to internationalize applications built with Alpha Anywhere. Two types of language tags are available: Language Tags and Text Dictionary tags.

Language Tags

Language tags can be used to add multi-language support to web and mobile applications.

Text Dictionary

The Text Dictionary is a powerful, convenient way to build multi-lingual mobile and web applications.

Multi-Language Support in Mobile Apps

Adding multi-language support for an offline-enabled iOS or Android mobile application cannot be done using Language tags or Text Dictionary tags since these tags are resolved by the Alpha Anywhere Application Server, requiring an Ajax Callback. This article explains how to add multi-language support in an offline application.