Calendar Component


The Calendar Component allows you to display appointments that are stored in a SQL or DBF table in a calendar. New appointments can be added by clicking on the calendar. Existing appointments can be edited or moved.


The Calendar Component relies on a 3rd party JavaScript Library supplied by Web2Cal. The component builder writes all of the integration logic to incorporate a Calendar into any web application.

Using the Web2Cal library requires a license, which is purchased separately from Web2Cal. A license is not required to build and test a Calendar component using the Development Server. Unlicensed components cannot be deployed but can be tested on localhost using Live Preview or published locally.

Calendar Component

The Calendar Component is a simple yet powerful web component that gives you an events calendar to with 8 different views, a drag and drop interface, easy integration with other components, and easy binding to SQL Databases or DBF.

Calendar Component Properties

A list of calender component properties.

Calendar Component Events

Information about client-side and server-side events for the Calendar Component.

To add a calendar to a mobile application, see the Calendar Control for the UX Component.

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