Javascript in Grid Components


Pages relating to Javascript used in the Grid Builder.

Action Javascript

The Grid Component allows you you to add JavaScript code to your Grid. There are a large number of events for which you can define Javascript event handlers. In many cases, you can use Action Javascript to help you write the Javascript. For example, if you put a button in the Grid (by selecting the Insert... hyperlink underneath the list of fields), you can use Action Javascript to define the code to open a new Grid that is linked to the current row, or print a Report.

Action Javascript in the Grid

Action Javascript adds functionality to your app by defining behaviors using property sheets. The code required to perform the actions is generated for you. These articles cover a wide variety of Action Javascripts available in the Grid Component..

Control Javascript

You can specify Javascript for each control in the Grid's Grid part or Detail View part. This makes it very easy to use 3rd party libraries, such as jQuery, to decorate controls. When you define the Javascript for a control, you can use the special {grid.controlId} placeholder. This placeholder gets replaced at run-time with the actual Id of the control. Example code to use the jQuery datepicker (ignore any x markers you see):