Client Side Properties


'Client-side' properties for a Grid include Calculated Fields, Show/hide Fields, Enable Expressions, Conditional Styles, and Client-side Formatting. Not all of these properties will appear on every control type available.

Calculated Field Expressions

Client-side Calculated fields are computed using Javascript.

Client-side Formatting

Client-side Formatting can be used to define masks for character fields or number formats for numeric fields.

Conditional Styles

Conditional Styles contain conditions that are evaluated in a Browser using Javascript.

Conditional style level

Specify if the conditional style should be applied to the cell that contains the control, or to the control itself, or both. For input controls (e.g. Textbox), you must select 'Control' or 'Both'.

Enable Expression

Enable Expression allows you to enable or disable an input control.

Format definition

Specify the client side format

Format type

Specify the format type

Security Groups

Select which security groups can see this column. If no groups are selected, all users can see the column.

Show/Hide expression

Show/hide expression can be used with any field or container in a Grid component.

The Client-side expressions that are used to define Client side properties can reference system fields. System fields are fields that are inherent inside Alpha Anywhere and that are not defined in the Query table you are using to access your data. Using these references can be used to make your expressions more dynamic and can be used with different types of data. For example, grid.rowIsChecked is a logical system field that will return true if the current row is checked. grid.checkedRowCount is a numeric system field that holds a count of the number of checked rows.