Control Properties


This property section contains the name of the specific to the control selected or inserted. For example, if you select an image control in the selected fields list, then this section will appear as 'Image Properties' in the field properties list.

[Button] Properties

Button controls can be added to the Grid layout to provide features, such as image or file upload, opening a UX to edit the row data, generating a report, etc.

CheckBox Properties

Check boxes are appropriate when you want to set a True/False value into a logical field. The most important property for a check box control is the definition of its choices.

[Column Spacer] Properties

When designing a dialog component or a grid component with columnar formatting (where the Layout Options > Number of "Layout" Columns property is greater than 1), you may position controls by inserting column spacers after controls.The following example shows the effects of adding column spacers. In this case the grids Number of 'Layout' Columns property has been set to 2 and its Rows of data property is 3. Both of these properties can be found in the Layout Options section of the Grid Properties page.

[Container Begin] Properties

A container is a way of grouping a collection of fields into a logical container.

[Container End] Properties

The [Container End] control marks the end of a container. All controls between the [Container Begin] and [Container End] control will be wrapped inside a container in the Grid layout.

Custom Control Properties

The Custom control is a control where the data contents and formatting of a column (or row) is defined by your Xbasic and HTML code.

Date/Time Picker Properties

A date picker is a variation on a TextBox control. The date picker option appears in a TextBox control if the grid is updatable.

DropDownBox Properties

DropDownBoxes are appropriate when you want to select a value from a large list of alternatives.

[Frame Begin]

When designing a grid component with Columnar formatting, you may position controls by placing them into frames. A frame has a label and places a box around selected fields. You can use the frame feature in columnar layouts, such as columnar grids, search forms, and detail view forms. This example shows how to create a columnar grid with 2 frames.

[Frame End] Properties

A [Frame End] control ends a frame around the objects between the [Frame Begin] and [Frame End] tags.

Hidden Properties
[Hyperlink] Properties

A [Hyperlink] control adds a link to the Grid Layout.

Image Properties

This concerns Image properties for images based on field controls. For more information about using image files as Links, see using images in Link Fields.

Label Properties

Field properties specific to the label control.

Link Properties

An essential decision about a link control is what it will display. The options are: Value in field, Value from other field(s), Static text, Static image, Image in another control

[Linked Grid] Properties

Grids can be embedded inside Grids by adding a [Linked Grid] control.

[Merge Cells Begin]

Merges can be used to position controls in groups for both grid and UX components. Merging controls is only possible when the grid format is columnar and the Number of Layout Columns property, found under the Layout Options on the Properties page, is set to a value greater than 1. Merges can be used to combine multiple fields under one title. For example, if you have a firstname field and a lastname field, you could combine them under one merged group and give it the title 'Full Name'.

[Merge Cells End]

[Merge Cells End] is used in conjunction with [Merge Cells Begin] to encapsulate fields inside a single cell. [Merge Cells End] does not contain any Field properties, these are defined in [Merge Cells Begin]. For more information on how to use merge cells see the example in [Merge Cells Begin].

RadioButton Properties

RadioButton controls are appropriate when you want to select between a small number of choices.

[Row Spacer] Properties

A [Row Spacer] control adds a row to the Grid Layout.

[Static Text]

Adds static text to a grid.

[Tab Control]

A tab control allows you to selectively hide and display different groups of fields. Refer to Setting Grid Tab Properties.

Tab Control End Properties

The Tab Control End control is used to mark the end of a group of controls contained within a Tab Control.

Tab Pane Properties

A tab pane control is used to group controls together on a tab in a Tab control.

TextArea Properties

The most important properties of a TextArea control are the Rows and Columns properties, which define its size.

TextBox Properties

The most important properties of a TextBox control are the Size and MaxLength properties. The MaxLength should match the field definition in your table. The size can be large

Time Picker Properties

A time picker is a variation on a TextBox control. The time picker option appears in a TextBox control if the grid is updatable.