Display Settings Properties


The Display Settings Properties in the Grid Field Properties panel:

Bubble help

Specify the bubble help for this control. You can use field value placeholders in the help. e.g. {lastname}

Conditional style

The conditional formatting option in Alpha Anywhere lets you format data conditionally, depending on its value. For example, you might set the color of the quantity field to be red if it is above average.

Conditional style level

Specify if the conditional style should be applied to the cell that contains the control, or to the control itself, or both. For input controls (e.g. Textbox), you must select 'Control' or 'Both'.

Control Javascript

You can specify Javascript for each control in the Grid's Grid part or Detail View part.

Control type

You can pick what type of control you want to represent a given field using the Control Type property.

Display Format

If the control type is Label, Link, TextBox, or TextArea, the Display Format property allows you to automatically change the presentation of your data.

Display unformat

An expression that defines how to translate the displayed value into the value saved in the record. The Display unformat expression is required if the field has a Display format and is editable.

Has help

Specify if there is help for this field. The help will appear in a window when the user presses F1. The Help text is read from a database. Go to the Properties pane to configure the Help database source. The Help Window style can either be a pop-up window or a dropdown window. To configure the Help Window style, go to the Properties pane and set the 'Field help window style' property.

Help icon behavior

Specify the action when the user clicks the help icon, or moves the mouse over the help icon.

Help ID

Specify the Help ID. The help text for this field is looked up in the Help table using this ID as the key.

Immediate validation

Specify if the value in the field should be validated as soon as you tab out of the field, or in the case of radio button, dropdown or checkbox controls, as soon as you change a value. The 'server-side' option will generate an Ajax callback, so you should try to limit the number of fields that require real-time server-side validation.

Initial value

The initial value of the field. The initial value defines the default value for new records.

QBE disable

Specify if Query by Example searches should be disabled for this control.

QBE style

Specify the in-line style for the QBE control.

Show help icon

Specify if an icon should be displayed next to the control to indicate that help is available for this control.

Treat field as a Logical field

If the field is a Numeric (Integer) field, and it contains only values of 0 or 1, then you can treat it as a Logical field and set the control type to a Checkbox.

Validation rules

The Validation rules property defines how your grid component will respond when a user inputs data into an editable field. As with the Field Properties list, these rules change depending on what type of control you are working with.

Validation Javascript

Specify Javascript to validate the data in the field. Client-side validation is very fast because it does not involve making an Ajax callback to the server.

Validation Xbasic

Xbasic can be added to this property to add custom validation rules for a field.