Field Properties


Field Properties are settings for configuring whether or not a field is encrypted.

Encrypt field

The Encrypt field property specifies whether or not data in a field is encrypted. If checked, data is encrypted by Alpha Anywhere when written to the field and decrypted when read from the field.

Enabling Encrypt field exposes the Encryption key field. The Encryption key is used to encrypt and decrypt the values in the field. This key can be the same for all fields or unique for each field.

When Alpha Anywhere encrypts the data, it prepends the field data with the prefix ENCRYPTED:.

Field encryption is only supported for character fields.

The encrypted data is longer than the decrypted data. If the table field is not large enough to store the encrypted value, it will not be encrypted. Make sure your database schema specifies fields are large enough to hold the encrypted values.

Encryption key

The Encryption key can be defined at design-time, either in the Control's properties or in the Project Properties, or at runtime using a session variable. For example:


If you define the key in Project Properties, set Encryption key to <Default>.


Searching Encrypted Fields

When searching an encrypted field, only exact match type searches are supported. For example, you cannot search using the >, >=, <, <=, contains, starts with, or ends with operators.

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