Image Properties Properties


Image Properties Properties

In-line style

Specify style attributes that override the settings inherited from the style sheet. You can specify attributes such as the image size, and border. For example, to set the image size to 1 inch by 1 inch, set style to the following (using CSS syntax): width: 1in; height: 1 in;

Text description

Specify the text description for the image. Tip: To display the contents of a text field, enclose the field in curly parens. e.g. {description}

Image path

The selected field is an 'Image File Reference Field'. Specify the folder where the images are stored (alternatively you can specify an 'image file transformation template' - click the Smart field for details). Tip: You can define an alias for this folder in your Profiles so that the images can be found on the server when you publish your project.

Embed image in HTML

Specify if the image should be base64 encoded and embedded directly into the HTML. This reduces the number of server round-trips to get the image data, but results in a substantially larger initial payload being sent from the server to the browser. This option is generally only appropriate for 'small' images. Do not check this option if the image is specified by a URL.

Scale image on server

Specify if the image should be scaled on the server before it is served. Scaling the image on the server can improve performance by reducing the amount of data that must be transmitted. IMPORTANT: Option does not apply if image is specified by a URL.

No image found image

(Optional) If this field does not have any Image data for a particular row, specify an optional image to display instead of an empty image. Specify <None> for no image.

New record image

(Optional) For new record rows (on Grids that allow inserts), specify an image to use instead of an empty image. Specify <None> for no image.

Image class name

Specify the class name for the image

Image definition

You can specify a static image, or a dynamic image that changes, based on data in the current record.

Image style

Specify the style for the image.

Image title

Specify the bubble help for the image. You can include field values in the help text by enclosing them in curly braces. For example: {customer_id}