Row PropertiesCell in-line Style


The appearance of a control and the grid cell that contains it are set by the style sheet attached to the grid component.

In the Grid or UX Component Builders, two properties can override these style sheet settings. These are the In-line style property found in the control's properties settings (i.e. Label Properties, Dropdown Properties, etc..) and the Cell in-line style property found in the Column (or Row) Properties section of the Field Properties list. The picture shows what this can look like. Here is a grid component with four field rows, Company Name, Contact Name, City, and Country. The last field, Country, has had its Cell in-line style properties modified so that the background and the border are green.

Cell in-line style for Country field.

Change the Cell in-line Style:

  1. Open the Grid Builder. On the Design tab in the Component Type page select Grid is: Read Only.

  2. Open the Data Source page and select either dbf or SQL.

  3. On the Query(DBF) or Query(AlphaDAO) page select a table you want to use, click Select Primary Key to choose field you will use.

  4. On the Fields page move a number of fields from the Available Fields: list to the Selected: fields list using the arrows between the two lists.

  5. Select one of the fields in the Selected: fields list. In the Field Properties list scroll down to either the Column Properties section or the Row Properties section depending.

  6. In this section find the Cell in-line style property. Click the button next to it. This will open the Style Editor.

  7. In the Style Editor set the Background color, border style and color, font type and size, and other style attributes to your liking.

  8. Now go to Live Preview and see how your styling looks.

    Cell in-line style on Contact Name field