Update Settings


If the grid is editable and the control type is editable, you may optionally suppress editing of the field that you view through the control. You may also set a minimum security level required to change the field's contents.


Specify if the field can be edited.

If you want to be able to type text in the field, but still not update any table when the Grid is submitted, set 'Updateable' to true, and set the 'Table Alias' property to:


Blank is NULL

Treat blank values as NULL.

This option can only be used if the database allows the field to be nullable.

Security level

Specify the minimum Security Level required to update this field. If all users can update this field regardless of their Security Level, set the Security Level to 0.

Security Groups

Select which security groups can update this field. If no groups are selected, all users can update this field.

Table alias

Specify the table alias for the field.

If this field is not bound to a table, enter the following:


Field to update

Specify the name of the field in the table that is updated.

Check for write conflicts

When updating records, if 'Check for write conflicts' is turned on, should this field be included in the section of fields that are checked for write conflicts?

If the data type for a field precludes it from being used in a WHERE clause with an = operator, the field is automatically excluded from write conflict checking.

In some older versions of Alpha Anywhere, check for write conflicts must be manually disabled if the type for the field cannot be used in a WHERE clause (which is what is required in order to use a field in a write conflict check.) For example, the 'ntext' type in SQL Server.

Geography field info (longitude,latitude)

When an update, or insert is performed, the location value in this field can automatically be computed from the longitude and latitude value from the fields that contain these values. If this field is blank, the field will not be automatically updated when a record is inserted or updated. To automatically update this field, enter the longitude and latitude field title (comma delimited). For example: