Grid Field Properties


Grid Fields can contain many of the following properties:

Advanced Button Properties

Advanced Button Properties

Calendar Properties

Calendar Properties

Client Side Properties

'Client-side' properties for a Grid include Calculated Fields, Show/hide Fields, Enable Expressions, Conditional Styles, and Client-side Formatting. Not all of these properties will appear on every control type available.

Column Properties

There are situations where you will want to hide a column or row. This will be true if you are placing the field in a different column or row using a Freeform template. A freeform layout allows to insert any HTML code plus any combination of fields on the grid into a grid column.

Control Properties

This property section contains the name of the specific to the control selected or inserted. For example, if you select an image control in the selected fields list, then this section will appear as 'Image Properties' in the field properties list.

CSS Properties

CSS settings for the [Tab Control] and [Tab Pane].

Display Settings Properties

The Display Settings Properties in the Grid Field Properties panel:

Events Properties

Events Properties

Field Properties

Field Properties are settings for configuring whether or not a field is encrypted.

Image Properties Properties

Image Properties Properties

Javascript Properties

Event handlers to add custom behaviors to the Grid. Behaviors can be added using Action Javascript, JavaScript, or server-side Xbasic.

Javascript Events Properties

Event handlers for the Tab and Accordion pane that can be used to add custom behaviors to the Grid.


Settings for adding a "lookup", such as an Auto-suggest or Edit-Combo list, to a control.

Other Properties

Miscellaneous properties for configuring an Linked Grid, UX, .a5w page, or other object embedded in the Grid Layout using the Linked Grid control.

gridfield rowproperties

Grid row properties help alter the look and feel of grid rows.

Spacer Properties

Properties specific to the Grid spacer control.

Summary Values

Computes summary information, such as total, average, or minimum, for a field in the Grid. Summary values can be displayed on the Grid and used in client-side and server-side expressions.

Update Settings

If the grid is editable and the control type is editable, you may optionally suppress editing of the field that you view through the control. You may also set a minimum security level required to change the field's contents.

To display an individual field's Properties menu simply select that field in the Selected: Fields list. The properties for each field control you select are defined on the right side of the screen. These Field Properties change depending on the control selected, whether that control is editable or not, and the nature of the grid layout selected. The default values for these properties produce a useable starting configuration for your grid. This means that you can largely ignore these optional properties when you are learning to build grids or you expect to gradually refine your design in later revisions.

By default the Field Properties for any given field are displayed by Category. Right clicking on the white space in the Field Properties list will display other options. These include Categorized , the default, which displays menu options in groups; Alphabetical, which displays all menu options in a single alphabetized group; The Toolbar visible option, which displays buttons that switch between Categorized and Alphabetical display modes; and the Help visible option, which displays help for the currently selected property at the bottom of the property menu.

Property Menu Options:

Right click in whitespace for menu options
It is not possible to display a default value for a field in a grid's new record row. However, you can insert a default value if the user leaves the field blank by inserting a script into the grid's BeforeValidateNewRecords event.