Advanced Properties

Other properties

Define other properties for the Grid Component.

Base SQL SELECT statement on selected fields

Specify whether displayed fields or all fields should be included in a Grid component based on a Table.

Show query statements on Ajax callbacks

Enables display of SQL Select statements used to populate the Grid Component when an Ajax Callback is made.

Web-socket server

Enable support for real-time messaging in the UX Component by turning on the web-socket server.

Message subscriptions

Define what message types to receive from the web-socket server. Requires Web-socket server to be enabled.

Add primary key to all ORDER BY clauses

Used to guarantee ORDER BY clause criteria is unique in Grid Components based on a SQL database.

Save component format

Specify if the Grid component should be saved as a binary file or as formatted JSON.

Capture detailed Javascript error information

Enables or disabled detailed JavaScript error reporting in the Grid Component at run-time.