Alphabet Buttons and Custom Buttons Search


The 'Alphabet Buttons/Custom Buttons' Search feature creates an alphabet that users can utilize in searching for records alphabetically within a given field. For example, if you specify that your Alphabet buttons should search on the lastname field, when you click on the 'B' button, all records with lastnames that start with 'B' are shown. This section contains all of the properties that can be used to shape this search feature.

Has 'Alphabet/Custom Buttons' search

Checking the Has 'Alphabet/Custom Buttons' search property will add alphabetized or custom buttons to a grid.

Search Bar Type

Defines the search bar type. The search bar can be an Alphabet Button Bar or a Custom Button Bar.

Custom search definition

Specify the definition of the custom search bar

'Buttons' Control Style

You can configure your 'Alphabet' buttons to show as choices in a dropdown box rather than as a list of buttons or hyperlinks by setting the button style to 'Dropdown'.

Include numeric buttons

You can configure your 'Alphabet' buttons to also show buttons for 0 through 9 by checking the 'Include numeric buttons' property.


You can position the 'Alphabet' buttons inside the Grid, as shown in the above two images, or outside the Grid, as shown below.


Specify the alignment of the button bar.

Has 'All' option

The Has 'All' option places an 'All' button at the end of your alphabet. Users can click this button to bring them back to a main grid that displays everything listed under the different letters in one long list. The list can have multiple pages to it. You can change the text on the All button using the 'All' option label property. If you do not want an 'All' button simply uncheck the checkbox next to the Has 'All' option property.

'All' option label

Specify the label for the 'All' option.

Search rules

Alpha Anywhere contains a number of different options for creating search features.

Alphabet Buttons Spacing in Different Browsers

Because of difference in the amount of default margin sizes the different browsers use for buttons, Alphabet button in a Grid will render slightly differently in different browsers, as shown in the image below.

'All' option label

The 'All' option label property allows you to place a different label on the 'All' button. Default label:

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