CSS/SVG Properties


The Grid Component can include custom CSS styles and SVG definitions.

Local CSS definitions

Define any local CSS classes. You can include SASS syntax in your CSS definition. For more information on SASS syntax see sass-lang.com

CSS linked files

Specify any CSS files that should be linked (in addition to the primary style for the Grid). Enter a comma delimited list of filenames.

CSS (Font) Icons

Specify if any CSS Icon libraries should be loaded.

Local SVG definitions

Specify any local SVG image definitions you want to include in this component.

SVG Linked files

Specify any SVG files that should be linked. Enter a comma delimited list of filenames. Only relative filenames can be specified. Files must be in a folder relative to the webroot.

Linked resources from child Grids

Specify if this component should include Javascript and CSS defined in any of the child Grid components that this component will open.

Default size for SVG icons

The default size for SVG icons in a component that does not use the Alpha or Alpha-based Web Themes.