Column Titles, Sorting, and Scrolling Options


Some useful properties for manipulating column titles and widths.

Column titles position

Column titles are the text that appears at the top of each column. The Column titles position property specifies the position of the column titles. There options for placing column titles include, 'Above Grid', Below Grid', and 'Above and Below Grid'. There is also an option for 'No Titles'.

Suppress titles if no records

If there are no records in the grid, should the titles be suppressed?

Sorting style

Specifies the sorting style of the columns.

Reset page number on sort

Specifies whether to display page 1 when sorting records.

Grid body can scroll

The Grid body can scroll property adds a scroll bar to your grid.

Scroll region height

Specify the height (using CSS syntax) for the scrollable Grid body section.

Scroll region width

Specify the width (using CSS syntax) for the scrollable Grid body section.

Fixed column widths

Normally, grid column widths are dynamic; meaning that they can adjust to accommodate the data displayed in the column. You can, however, specify a Fixed column widths property. When you select this option, you can set a default width for all columns that are not explicitly set.

Default column width

Specify the default column width (using CSS syntax, e.g. 2in). Any column whose width is not explicitly set will use this width. NOTE: Percentage widths are not supported.

Column widths

Set explicit column widths for any of the columns in the Grid.